Cave Point, Door Co, WI

*Make a Blog/Site Assignment; one of my favorite photographs (by me)

Summer 2020. COVID restrictions. Seeking adventure to ease cabin fever. +10ft waves crash against the dolomite. We dare venture to the limestone outcrop. Lake Michigan propels fresh water up and towards the camera. She is in constant motion, angry with the heat of summer. At first… inching, then speeding out to the brink, stooping to meet the wave. Shutter clicks, reflecting the image both in the lens and my occipital lobe as I realize my camera’s going to be soaked! Milliseconds before the water hits the lens, husband and sibling become human shields, hit with the full force of the wave. Belly laughter, squishing sneakers, the camera lives to see another day.

Nikon D80. ISO 100. 1/160. F8. Close up. 0.0. 55mm. No Flash. 08/18/2020